Regulation Study Guide

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Conquer the REG exam with our Regulation study guide that summarizes all of the crucial concepts that you will be tested on.  With over 120 pages of the most concise summaries ever created it is easy to split up our material in to a 30 day study schedule right before the exam.

You can view 5 pages of the REGULATION Study Guide here. 


  • Increase your score by using proven test taking strategies from the most recent  REG test takers. 
  • Get instant access to our Regulation study guide instantly with a simple PDF download to your computer or smart phone.
  • Save dozens of hours by focusing on the most important parts of the REG Exam with our 30 day study schedule.

9 reviews for Regulation Study Guide

  1. Vanessa R.

    I recorded the study notes on my phone and listened to the notes in my car. It is a great way to study on the road.

  2. Max B.

    Comprehensive yet concise. This is what you want in a study guide.

  3. Maneesh

    Real happy with it.

  4. Jamie

    It should be more clear that this is just a PDF. You do not actually get a physical copy sent in the mail. However, I find it is useful to study this way.

  5. Ray

    I was really happy with this product. I would recommend it to anyone who is studying for the CPA exam.

    I used it in the last week of my studying.

    I have also used it for a few different sections of the exam.

  6. Mac

    These are summary notes. They take all the CPA prep material and put it into a short guide.

  7. B. R

    The cram guide is very condensed, and thus in some parts lose me on what they are trying to get across, but overall is a great study aid.

    I wanted to save time in making study notes and this guide was the answer.

    I wish there were more mnemonics to help me remember things.

    Definitely not a tool to study for the CPA by itself.

  8. Ant. Ram

    I used the Wiley textbooks to prepare for the CPA exam. I then used the REG summary notes and the practice exams. I thought the material was in depth and detailed.

  9. Mary

    I was intimidated by the REG section. These summary notes clearly laid out all of the important issues. I downloaded the PDF on my phone and I was able to study using my Kindle reader. After carrying around thousand page textbooks it was nice to have something that I could study from my phone.

    I think this book goes best with the CPA practice questions and I bought the package.

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