Studying For the CPA Exam With Young Kids

I am often asked for tips about how to study more effectively when you live in a full house with young children.

Young children can be disruptive, noisy and some think it is impossible to study with them in the house. Nothing could be further from the truth. You just need to change you study schedule.

My first recommendation is to wake up before you family has woken up. If you can wake up at 4 a.m. you can squeeze out a couple of hours of quiet study time.

Another good study time is to carve out an hour before you have to pick up your children from day care.

Another good tip is to invest in some silicone ear plugs. If you are not the primary care giver and you simply want to drown out all the noise in the house, silicone ear plugs are the way to go. This is what pilots use when they fly a plane. The silicone ear plugs are designed to be used a a couple of times before you dispose of them. I do not recommend that you purchase the cheap foam ear plugs.

Silicone Ear plugs

I also find that it is important to be realistic with your study schedule. Maybe you can’t grind out two study sections in a couple of months. Maybe the process takes longer. You need to estimate how much actual study time you can do and create a realistic study schedule.

Another important tip is to open the communication channels with your family and peers. Let them know that you are studying for the CPA exam. Let them know that it is a demanding exam that can require 100 hours of study time. You may be pleasantly surprised that someone volunteers to help you with the child care duties during this difficult time.

Finally, make sure that you acquire some top notch CPA study materials.