CPA Exam Cliches

Just like pro sports commentating, the CPA exam is rife with cliches. Athletes talk about ‘giving 110%’ or ‘the best defense is a good offense.’

Here are the top cliches that I hear about studying for the CPA exam.

1. “Don’t give up!”  This cliche is probably the most common of all. The motivational pep talks are way overdone.

2. “The CPA exam is a marathon, not a race.”   Yes, it’s true but I still cringe every time I hear a student repeating this term.

3. “Stick to your study schedule.”

4. “Give up your social life.”  I dislike hearing this cliche about the CPA exam because it is not true. As a matter of fact, you are better off maintaining your social life as long as you give yourself rewards for achieving your study goals.

5. “Don’t be ashamed to fail.”  As much as it is important to not beat yourself up for failing the CPA exam you also do not want to adopt a loser mindset. Some people are actually motivated by shame meaning that it’s not necessarily a negative.