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About Us:

We established the CPA Army as a means to help others pass the CPA exam.  We are providing firsthand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work. Over the last four years, we have experimented with all of the major CPA prep materials including Becker, Bisk, Gleim, Wiley, and Yaeger.

Through trial and error, we developed a study plan which covers the important topics and subject matters effectively so that you can maximize your scores.   If you stick to this plan, you will pass on your next attempt. By joining the CPA Army, you will receive access to the members only section where you can view/download the outlines and notes organized by section, practice MCQ’s and thousands of flashcards for each section. You will also have access to articles related to taking the exam, and how the scoring process works.

If you have already started the journey of scheduling, studying, and sitting for the CPA exam then you undoubtedly feel like you are preparing to go to war.  It can be overwhelming to say the least.

Join the CPAARMY now and we will provide the tools necessary for you to pass the CPA Exam.  Our study program is the most cost effective program on the market.  Why would you spend more than $250.00 for study material from other sites when our study guide, flashcards and practice MCQ’s are priced at only $67.00.

Our program is unique because unlike other programs, we do not speculate what is on the test.  We ONLY use study guides, outlines and materials that have been used to PASS the exams by thousands of CPA students.  Don’t spend another day fighting the war all by yourself, enlist the help of the CPAARMY now!


Jake – Becker Materials (AUD-82, BEC-88, REG-79, FAR-77)
AJ – Bisk Materials (AUD-92, BEC-75, REG-80, FAR-83)
Becky – Yaeger Materials (AUD-76, BEC-90, REG-93, FAR-89)
Nathan – Gleim and Wiley Materials (AUD-84, BEC-91, REG-86, FAR-78)