CPA Practice Question Study Hack

Almost everyone who studies for the CPA exam is pressed for time. The volume of information is so great that if you do not have a study plan in place you end up in a whirlwind of information.  It reminds me of researching something on the Internet and then realizing that four hours has passed by!

One of the strategies that some students advocate is only practicing multiple choice questions. You then review the material related to that multiple choice question in the textbook. The thinking is that if you take enough MCQ’s you will end up covering all the material in the textbook. Essentially, you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Do I like this strategy?

I am a big advocate of taking CPA practice tests. It’s a far more interesting way of studying. It’s more engaging. You answer a question and read about why the answer was right or wrong.

However, if I used the MCQ’s as my primary study tool, I would always be worried that there are holes in my arsenal. When you approach studying in a methodical fashion, topic by topic, you can easily check off which sections you have covered. By focusing on the MCQ’s you are risking too many holes.

Furthermore, this is simply not the way any of us studied for exams in the past. All of us have been conditioned to read and study materials and then sometimes practice questions. We never just dove into a math problem without first trying to understand the concept. I am not in favor of a radical new study method at such an important juncture.


I suppose if you are massively pressed for time by more than 100 hours this is a potential solution.

However, in general I view this study approach as something of a Hail Mary Pass.